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The cornerstone of our approach to education is to provide reality based guides and scenarios that you can use to right away.


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Increase your confidence and decision making by testing through experiences.


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Continually learn and progress as you invest.


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We can definitely help you be financially independent, build your portfolio, and achieve your financial goals.

The investors voyage

When you want to create long-term wealth, we’re the ones who can help you with stock market strategy.

Compress years into hours by learning from our voyage in the stock market, where we tested a variety of stock investing strategies and landed on the ones that work best.

About me

My name is Nathan and I am from the great state of Colorado.

My passion for investing began at 9 years old, when I would help my mom manage her real estate rental properties. Since entering into the world of investing, I have received my Bachelor’s in Marketing and Finance and have acquired 5 years of stock market investing and trading experience. I grew up with the belief that creating passive income is an incredible way to achieve true financial freedom. My goal for Investors Voyage is to provide my audience with the resources and knowledge needed to attain financial independence.